Louise Brooks


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11 Comments on “Louise Brooks

  1. Desde el reclinatorio, mi devoción; completa. Brooks consiguió que sea imposible representar de nuevo de manera verosímil la Lulú de Wedekind. ¿Qué realidad podría competir con su memoria?
    Un saludo (me alegro que los vientos te sean favorables).

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  3. Hola chica dada, te conozco por las fotos de flickr, no tengo blog.
    El comienzo del vídeo de la Brooks es buenísimo! El pelo (como el tuyo) me recuerda a una ex novia, pero las ibéricas estáis mejor que Louise, sin duda.
    Tu blog parece magnífico, es para perderse. Supongo que contigo igual.

  4. Kahlo, te paso un meme desde mi blog. ¡Esta vez te toca responder a ti!

  5. […]Rude was a talented pianist who played the latest Debussy and Ravel for her children, inspiring them with a love of books and music. None of this protected her nine-year old daughter Louise from sexual abuse at the hands of a neighborhood predator. This event had a major influence on Brooks’ life and career, causing her to say in later years that she was incapable of real love, and that this man “must have had a great deal to do with forming my attitude toward sexual pleasure….For me, nice, soft, easy men were never enough – there had to be an element of domination”.[2] (When Brooks at last told her mother of the incident, many years later, her mother suggested that it must have been Louise’s fault for “leading him on[…]

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